With its cold affection for Shumen, winter has arrived to turn the city into one large field of winter adventures. Not only does it inspire with a fresh coat of snow, but winter in Shumen provides a unique opportunity for everyone to have fun and create wonderful memories.

Snowy Fun with an Amazing Lady and Her Snowy Spouse

On the streets of Shumen unfolds an exciting scene, where a cheerful lady creates her own snowy spouse. The pictures capture moments from this entertaining process, where the creativity and imagination of the Shumen resident blend with the winter tale she creates.

Icy Path in Front of the Block: Where Ice Meets the Neighborhood Path

In front of the block stretches an icy path, challenging anyone who steps on it to a dance with nature. The frozen pathway becomes a place for entertainment and laughter, where neighbors and friends share moments of their play with beloved skates and funny falls.


Winter Night in Shumen: When the City Falls Asleep under the Snowy Blanket

The chilly age in Shumen transforms the city atmosphere into a cozy winter tale. At night, the shimmering lights from the windows create a warm and romantic ambiance. The city falls asleep under the snowy blanket, and the winter landscape turns into paintings that inspire smiles and tranquility.

Winter in Shumen takes the city to picturesque peaks of beauty and amusement. The photos reflect moments from daily life in this magical city, wrapped in a cold cover, yet its heart is warmed by the joy of winter.


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