This year the theater in our favorite city opened its 165th season. The festive program traditionally began with a colorful theatrical parade.

The theaters, transformed into characters from plays and accompanied by wind music, passed through the city center to the theater building.

There took place the solemn lighting of the theatrical fire and the raising of the banner of the theater.

Can you imagine what a world would be like without theater?

A boring place with some boring people who have lost their ability to feel.Because theater is a delight that floods the soul and fills the heart. When you truly love the theater, you merge with it, with the acting, with the sets, with the atmosphere, you breathe in this other world. You feel, you experience it and you are inside it. Emotions, mind, body, everything merges with the stage and you are alive, and you are happy or you are crying.

Theater is for our souls, it touches this invisible part of us, because of which we are human.

Thank you for the amazing experience and for allowing us to witness! It was a pleasure for us to be a part of this! Because to make theater you need a lot of love, a lot of devotion and a lot of enthusiasm.

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